Přídavné zařízení XZP 35 plus

This additional device is to bend tubes and other rod material.

The device is made of plate, which is fixed to the machine front side. In the place of the left shaft, there is a system for specifying ang mesuring angle specification. The bending roller with its two levers and driving lug is mounted on the right shaft. The angular speed of both shafts is the same, so it is possible to specify the bending angle by the left shaft. The steady is the roller on the central shaft. Bending is made between the shaft support and the steady roller to keep the angle.

Maximal tube diameter 1" (35mm)
Minimal bending radius 70 mm
Maximal folding angle 180 stupňů
Nominal motor power 750 W
Standard electric system 400 V/50 Hz
Machine height 1320 mm
Machine width 685 mm
Machine depth 600 mm
Machine weight 225 kg

Table of sections

  Table of sections