Zakružovací stroj XZP 35

The machine is intended to bend rods and section bars without heating them. It is possible to curve into a helix.

The machine is made of bending head with two shafts, housed in tapered roller bearings. Both these shafts are powered by an electromotor through a gear box with an endless screw. A third shaft, fitted with the same housing in a moving slide, can be moved into its working position by turning the pressure screw. The machine frame is made of steel including the bearing hubs. The machine is embedded in a plastic body. For bending into helix, the machine is fitted with to side forcing rollers. The machine is featured with a distribution box and a command panel. Becouse of wide range of profiles, the bending tools are to be ordered depending on special specification. An oportunity represents additional device XZP 35 PLUS. That enables bending of tubes to the shape „ L “ ( angle). The accessory substantionally increases possibilities of machine use.

Shafts diameter 35 mm
Driven shafts 2 pcs
Central shaft course 100 mm
Lower shafts pitch 265 mm
Lower shafts angular speed 6 ot-1
work in horizontal position yes
Motor input 750 w
Standard electric system 380 v/50 hz
Machine height 1220+100 mm
Machine width 685 mm
Machine depth (base 600 x 500 mm) 600 mm
Machine weight 200 kg

Table of sections

  Table of sections