Ohýbací stroj XR-48

Machine is used for round bending of bars, tubes and sections in cold regime in large – big production.

The machine has a welded body with a table turning around the central roller. The aft part has a longitudinal guide way to place a support with the pressing rollers. The main pressing roller is in the axle of the support. The side rollers, placed at both sides of the support, may be adjusted separately of the main roller. The support pressure on material is hand-operated by a screw. On the lower side of the support, there are terminal switches, which allow to adjust the folding angle.

Machine lenght 1025 mm
Machine width 550 mm
Machine height 1094 mm
Main shaft diameter 48 mm
Table diameter 500 mm
Maximal item diameter 400 mm
Table rotation angle 360°
Table rotation (rt./sec) 5
Motor input 1,1 kW
Machine weight 380 kg

The customization is possible.