Ruční obrubovací stroj XB 50/180

The Machine is to be used for flanging, inserting, encircling, cutting a planing of metal sheets, for sealing of bottoms and inserting metal wires. Hand drive / crank.

The main part of the machine is a frame, whose base is to be fixed on the working table. The machine is to be used by hand-power through a crank. The crank moves a pair of gears and turns both upper and lower shafts. The tools are embossed rollers fixed on both shafts. The distance between the shafts is to be adjusted by a screw on the frame upper part. An adjustable guide assures the sheet guiding. The guide holding bars are mounted into side bearings.

Machine lenght 515 mm
Machine width 210 mm
Machine height 395 mm
Weight 23 kg
Thickness of processed material (its strength is 400 MPa) 0,8 mm
Axial distance between the shafts 49 mm
Working height 225 mm
Working depth 180 mm
The upper rollers goes up 16 mm
Minimal dia of the worked item 110 mm

Rollers are not included in unit price, they have to be extra-ordered.

Groove shapes

Click and open view menu of wheels for demanded groove.

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  Groove shape  
  Groove shape  
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  Groove shape  
  Groove shape