Supplementary Device NOT 800/2
Supplementary Device NOT 800/2
The NOT 800/2 Supplementary Device is intended for cutting out circular parts from sheet metal.

The most important part of the device is a pair of sheet-metal frames to be fixed to the end-stop guide rods on the XBC 100/400 machine. The outer frame slides in revolving pins located on both sides of the frame. The sheet metal from which individual parts are cut out is to be gripped between the pair of pins with a pit and a tip located in the middle of the frame. To bring the edges on the sheet into the upright position, it is necessary to tilt the outer frame of the Supplementary Device with the inserted part while rotating the machine shaft with the shaping rollers attached. The revolving point is secured with two pins on which the outer frame is tilted. The radius is set using the setting rules placed on both sides of the Device.

Min. dia. of the part to be cut out   300 mm
Max. dia. of the part to be cut out   800 mm
Maximum thickness of sheet metal (at the 400 MPa strength)   2 mm
Maximum bending angle of the edge of the sheet   90°
Maximum height of the sheet edge in the upright position   12 mm
Dimensions of the Supplementary Device   890 x 550 x 205 mm
Weight   31 kg
Dimensions of the machine with the Supplementary Device lenght 1300 mm
  width 860 mm
  heigth 1320 mm