Zakružovací stroj XZP 35

The curved power shears NOR 1200/1 are a additional device for the sheet processing machines series XB 56/280, XBC 56/300 and XBC2 56/300. This additional device is used to cut round pieces from sheet up to 1 mm thick under a strength of 400 MPa. The maximal diameter to be cut is 1 200 mm.

The curved power shears are made of four guide rods to be fixed to the stand of the original machine. Adjustable cursors are given on the rods with a central pin on the lower rods and a pushing device on the upper rods. To get a better rigidity, the rods ends are jointed by plates. Special cutting rollers are to be given on the upper and lower shafts: these rollers are included.

Maximal sheet thickness under 400 MPa 1 mm
Minimal cutting dia 100 mm
Maximal cutting dia 1200 mm
Machine weight 24 kg